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2010-12-28[KBC] Fix KBC implementation for Whistler.tegra-10.11.0Victor Ryabukhin
2010-12-27merging android-tegra-2.6.36 into git-master/linux-2.6/android-tegra-2.6.36Nitin Kumbhar
2010-12-24hwmon: nct1008: set offset and config registersVarun Wadekar
2010-12-24[ARM] tegra: ventana: correct offset and thermal threshold valuesVarun Wadekar
2010-12-24hwmon: nct1008: platform data to set offset registerVarun Wadekar
2010-12-24[ARM] tegra: ventana: include board-ventana.h for external gpiosVarun Wadekar
2010-12-24[ARM] tegra: ventana: push external gpios to board-ventana.hVarun Wadekar
2010-12-24tegra: sdhci: disable the SDHCI_QUIRK_NO_SDIO_IRQDeepesh Gujarathi
2010-12-24tegra: sdhci: fix register bit definitionDeepesh Gujarathi
2010-12-24Allow AVP to have multiple clients.Chong Zhang
2010-12-23tegra SDHCI: Make debugging printk properly a debugging printkTodd Poynor
2010-12-23[ARM] tegra: ventana: clean up camera gpio initVarun Wadekar
2010-12-23[tegra/ventana] vdd_lvds power source correctionNarendra Damahe
2010-12-23merging android-tegra-2.6.36 into git-master/linux-2.6/android-tegra-2.6.36Nitin Kumbhar
2010-12-23Revert "Revert "sched: Add a generic notifier when a task struct is about to ...Nitin Kumbhar
2010-12-23Revert "Revert "staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Remove bitrotted codepath""Nitin Kumbhar
2010-12-23Revert "Revert "staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Fix task_struct leak""Nitin Kumbhar
2010-12-23Revert "Revert "staging: android: lowmemkiller: Substantially reduce overhead...Nitin Kumbhar
2010-12-23ARM: tegra: defconfig: enable Atmel touch screen driverBharat Nihalani
2010-12-23ARM: tegra: rtc: set disabled by defaultAmit Kamath
2010-12-23ARM: tegra: Atmel touchscreen board supportRobert Collins
2010-12-23[tegra/ventana] i2c driver registration seq changeNarendra Damahe
2010-12-21tegra: common: move pll_m initialization to common.cTom Cherry
2010-12-21[misc] remove executable permission on spi_tegra.cminwuklee
2010-12-21[misc] remove executable permission on spi slave driverminwuklee
2010-12-21Merge branch 'linux-tegra-2.6.36' into android-tegra-2.6.36Colin Cross
2010-12-21Merge commit 'v2.6.36.2' into linux-tegra-2.6.36Colin Cross
2010-12-21Merge remote branch 'common/android-2.6.36' into android-tegra-2.6.36Rebecca Schultz Zavin
2010-12-21Merge remote branch 'tegra/linux-tegra-2.6.36' into android-tegra-2.6.36Rebecca Schultz Zavin
2010-12-21staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Ignore shmem pages in page-cacheArve Hjønnevåg
2010-12-21staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Don't wait more than one second for a proc...Arve Hjønnevåg
2010-12-21lowmemorykiller: don't unregister notifier from atomic contextRabin Vincent
2010-12-21[ARM] tegra: ventana: remove pda-power deviceVarun Wadekar
2010-12-21net: wireless: bcm4329: Update to version 4.218.248-18Greg Goldman
2010-12-21[tegra: ventana] add WAKE key wakeup support from suspendNarendra Damahe
2010-12-21video: tegra: host: add suspend instrumentationVarun Wadekar
2010-12-21[tegra:spi] master tegra spi driver updateminwuklee
2010-12-21ARM: tegra: Driver for internal RTC and alarmAmit Kamath
2010-12-21HDMI WAR: Fixed HDMI issue after LP0 resume.Gaurav Sarode
2010-12-20[ARM] tegra: Enable KBC based driverSachin Nikam
2010-12-20[ARM] tegra: whistler: registering kbc driverSachin Nikam
2010-12-20tegra: spi: add slave driverminwuklee
2010-12-20[tegra/ventana] display/panel power control supportNarendra Damahe
2010-12-20ARM: tegra: cpufreq: Change function signature for CPU speed throttlingTodd Poynor
2010-12-20ARM: tegra: Make CPU thermal throttling configurableTodd Poynor
2010-12-20mfd: Remove tps6586x device ID checkStephen Warren
2010-12-20mfd: Add TPS658621C device IDAndrew Chew
2010-12-20input: gpio-keys: wake up display on resumeVarun Wadekar
2010-12-20[ARM] tegra: ventana: proper gpio for battery chargingVarun Wadekar
2010-12-20[ARM] tegra: registering tegra-avp deviceSachin Nikam