AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-20Linux 3.18.12v3.18.12Sasha Levin
2015-04-16mfd: kempld-core: Fix callback return value checkAmeya Palande
2015-04-16net: ethernet: pcnet32: Setup the SRAM and NOUFLO on Am79C97{3, 5}Markos Chandras
2015-04-16powerpc/mpc85xx: Add ranges to etsec2 nodesScott Wood
2015-04-16powerpc/pseries: Little endian fixes for post mobility device tree updateTyrel Datwyler
2015-04-16arm64: Use the reserved TTBR0 if context switching to the init_mmCatalin Marinas
2015-04-16regulator: palmas: Correct TPS659038 register definition for REGEN2Keerthy
2015-04-16powerpc/book3s: Fix the MCE code to use CONFIG_KVM_BOOK3S_64_HANDLERMahesh Salgaonkar
2015-04-16sb_edac: Fix typo computing number of banksTony Luck
2015-04-16sb_edac: Fix discovery of top-of-low-memory for HaswellTony Luck
2015-04-16Revert "libceph: use memalloc flags for net IO"Ilya Dryomov
2015-04-16hfsplus: fix B-tree corruption after insertion at position 0Sergei Antonov
2015-04-16spi: trigger trace event for message-done before mesg->completeUwe Kleine-K├Ânig
2015-04-16spi: qup: Fix cs-num DT property parsingIvan T. Ivanov
2015-04-16dm snapshot: suspend merging snapshot when doing exception handoverMikulas Patocka
2015-04-16dm snapshot: suspend origin when doing exception handoverMikulas Patocka
2015-04-16dm thin: fix to consistently zero-fill reads to unprovisioned blocksSasha Levin
2015-04-16dm io: deal with wandering queue limits when handling REQ_DISCARD and REQ_WRI...Darrick J. Wong
2015-04-16dm: hold suspend_lock while suspending device during device deletionMikulas Patocka
2015-04-16dmaengine: dw: append MODULE_ALIAS for platform driverAndy Shevchenko
2015-04-16vt6655: RFbSetPower fix missing rate RATE_12MMalcolm Priestley
2015-04-16staging: vt6656: vnt_rf_setpower: fix missing rate RATE_12MMalcolm Priestley
2015-04-16perf: Fix irq_work 'tail' recursionPeter Zijlstra
2015-04-16of/irq: Fix of_irq_parse_one() returned error codesLaurent Pinchart
2015-04-16cpuidle: mvebu: Fix the CPU PM notifier usageGregory CLEMENT
2015-04-16rtlwifi: Improve handling of IPv6 packetsLarry Finger
2015-04-16phy: Find the right match in devm_phy_destroy()Thierry Reding
2015-04-16usb: common: otg-fsm: only signal connect after switching to peripheralPeter Chen
2015-04-16usb: chipidea: otg: add a_alt_hnp_support response for B deviceLi Jun
2015-04-16usb: phy: am335x-control: check return value of bus_find_deviceDavid Dueck
2015-04-16uas: Add US_FL_NO_ATA_1X for Initio Corporation controllers / devicesHans de Goede
2015-04-16mac80211: count interfaces correctly for combination checksAndrei Otcheretianski
2015-04-16mac80211: drop unencrypted frames in mesh fwdingBob Copeland
2015-04-16mac80211: disable u-APSD queues by defaultMichal Kazior
2015-04-16nl80211: ignore HT/VHT capabilities without QoS/WMMJohannes Berg
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - do not retrieve the board id on old firmwaresBenjamin Tissoires
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - handle spurious release of trackstick buttonsBenjamin Tissoires
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - fix middle button on Lenovo 2015 productsDmitry Torokhov
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - skip quirks when post-2013 dimensionsBenjamin Tissoires
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - support min/max board id in min_max_pnpid_tableDaniel Martin
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - remove obsolete min/max quirk for X240Daniel Martin
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - query min dimensions for fw v8.1Daniel Martin
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - log queried and quirked dimension valuesDaniel Martin
2015-04-16Input: synaptics - split synaptics_resolution(), query firstDaniel Martin
2015-04-16tcm_qla2xxx: Fix incorrect use of __transport_register_sessionBart Van Assche
2015-04-16tcm_fc: missing curly braces in ft_invl_hw_context()Dan Carpenter
2015-04-16clocksource: efm32: Fix a NULL pointer dereferenceYongbae Park
2015-04-16regmap: introduce regmap_name to fix syscon regmap trace eventsPhilipp Zabel
2015-04-16regmap: regcache-rbtree: Fix present bitmap resizeLars-Peter Clausen
2015-04-16clockevents: sun5i: Fix setup_irq init sequenceYongbae Park