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2017-06-30imx7-colibri-aster/eval-v3: fix vmmc-supplyColibri-iMX7_LXDE-Image_2.7b3-20170630Colibri-iMX6_LXDE-Image_2.7b3-20170630Apalis-iMX6_LXDE-Image_2.7b3-20170630Marcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30imx7d-colibri: limit to 800 mhz and 1 ghz operating pointsMarcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30imx7s: add mandatory 800 mhz operating pointMarcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30imx7s-colibri: remove spurious compatible and model propertiesMarcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30imx7d-colibri: remove freescale copyright from headerMarcel Ziswiler
2017-06-30ARM: dts: imx6dl-colibri-aster: add support for Aster with Colibri iMX6Sanchayan Maity
2017-06-30ARM : dts: imx6qdl-colibri: add new pingroup for GPIO5_IO04Sanchayan Maity
2017-06-30apalis/colibri_imx6: snapd squashfs configurationMarcel Ziswiler
2017-06-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'fslc/4.1-2.0.x-imx' into toradex_4.1-2.0.x-imx-...Marcel Ziswiler
2017-06-17ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: assign LDO2 to USDHC2 by defaultStefan Agner
2017-06-17ARM: dts: imx7-colibri-aster: Add support for Aster with Colibri iMX7Sanchayan Maity
2017-06-17ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: Add new hoggrp for GPIO4_IO23Sanchayan Maity
2017-06-17Merge tag 'v4.1.41' into 4.1-2.0.x-imxOtavio Salvador
2017-06-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'imx/imx_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga' into 4.1-2.0.x-imxOtavio Salvador
2017-06-13ARM: tegra: paz00: Mark panel regulator as enabled on bootMarc Dietrich
2017-06-13MIPS: R2-on-R6 MULTU/MADDU/MSUBU emulation bugfixLeonid Yegoshin
2017-06-13KVM: nVMX: initialize PML fields in vmcs02Ladi Prosek
2017-06-13Revert "KVM: nested VMX: disable perf cpuid reporting"Jim Mattson
2017-06-13x86/platform/intel-mid: Correct MSI IRQ line for watchdog deviceAndy Shevchenko
2017-06-13kprobes/x86: Fix kernel panic when certain exception-handling addresses are p...Masami Hiramatsu
2017-06-13x86/pci-calgary: Fix iommu_free() comparison of unsigned expression >= 0Nikola Pajkovsky
2017-06-13powerpc/powernv: Fix opal_exit tracepoint opcodeMichael Ellerman
2017-06-13ftrace/x86: Fix triple fault with graph tracing and suspend-to-ramJosh Poimboeuf
2017-06-13sparc64: Fix kernel panic due to erroneous #ifdef surrounding pmd_write()Tom Hromatka
2017-06-13sparc64: kern_addr_valid regressionbob picco
2017-06-13xen/x86: don't lose event interruptsStefano Stabellini
2017-06-13MIPS: Fix crash registers on non-crashing CPUsCorey Minyard
2017-06-13x86/mce/AMD: Give a name to MCA bank 3 when accessed with legacy MSRsYazen Ghannam
2017-06-13mm: Tighten x86 /dev/mem with zeroing readsKees Cook
2017-06-13kvm: fix page struct leak in handle_vmonPaolo Bonzini
2017-06-13MIPS: Select HAVE_IRQ_EXIT_ON_IRQ_STACKMatt Redfearn
2017-06-13MIPS: Only change $28 to thread_info if coming from user modeMatt Redfearn
2017-06-08dts: imx7d: move operating points to i.MX 7Dual device treeStefan Agner
2017-06-08x86/mce: Don't use percpu workqueuesChen, Gong
2017-06-08osf_wait4(): fix infoleakAl Viro
2017-06-08KVM: X86: Fix read out-of-bounds vulnerability in kvm pio emulationWanpeng Li
2017-06-08kvm arm: Move fake PGD handling to arch specific filesSuzuki K Poulose
2017-06-08ARM: KVM: Remove pointless void pointer castFiro Yang
2017-06-07ARM: dts: imx6sx-sdb: Remove OPP overrideLeonard Crestez
2017-06-07ARM: dts: imx6sx-sdb: Add 198MHz operational pointFabio Estevam
2017-06-07s390/cputime: fix incorrect system timeMartin Schwidefsky
2017-05-30apalis-imx6: ixora-v1_1: Add CSI 5MP OV5640 Camera module supportBhuvanchandra DV
2017-05-30ARM: dts: imx6qdl-apalis-ixora: Enable ADV7280 decoder on IxoraSanchayan Maity
2017-05-30ARM: dts: imx6: Add support for Toradex Ixora V1.1 carrier boardSanchayan Maity
2017-05-30ARM: dts: imx6qdl-apalis: Split pinctrl for usdhc1 to support 4 and 8 bitSanchayan Maity
2017-05-30ARM: imx: spare the first 16KiB of OCRAM_S for Cortex-M4Stefan Agner
2017-05-30ARM: dts: colibri imx6: configure an external sgtl5000 vddd sourceMax Krummenacher
2017-05-30ARM: dts: apalis imx6: configure an external sgtl5000 vddd sourceMax Krummenacher
2017-05-30ARM: dts: colibri imx6: increase sgtl5000 lrclk drive strenghtMax Krummenacher
2017-05-30Revert "ARM: dts: colibri imx6: increase sgtl5000 lrclk drive strenght"Max Krummenacher