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2013-08-13tegra_v4l2: added external/internal sync selectionT30_LinuxImageV2.0Beta3_20130820Apalis_T30_LinuxImageV2.0Beta2_20130816Peter Gielda
2013-07-31media: max9526: allow for live input selectionMarcel Ziswiler
2013-07-31media: adv7180: allow for live input selectionMarcel Ziswiler
2013-07-31media: max9526: input selection supportPeter Gielda
2013-07-31media: adv7180: small cleanup of the input selectionPeter Gielda
2013-07-31media: adv7180: added input selection supportPeter Gielda
2013-07-31tegra_v4l2: added default err valuePeter Gielda
2013-07-31media: adv7180: set resolution to 720 x 576Peter Gielda
2013-07-31tegra_v4l2: changed TEGRA_VIP_V_ACTIVE_START to 0x12Peter Gielda
2013-07-31tegra_v4l2: error cleanup handling; lowered SYNCPT_VI_WAIT_TIMEOUT to 25Peter Gielda
2013-06-17media: adv7180: add 48-lead and 32-lead device identificationMarcel Ziswiler
2013-06-12tegra_v4l2: support for interlaced fieldsPiotr Zierhoffer
2013-06-12adv7180, max9526: correct v4l2_field settingPiotr Zierhoffer
2013-06-12tegra_v4l2: fix format detection and morePiotr Zierhoffer
2013-06-12max9526: fix NTSC number of pixels per line.Peter Gielda
2013-06-12media: videobuf2: fix buffer management issuesBryan Wu
2013-06-12Revert "tegra_v4l2: map memory as non-cachable and fix the allocation problem"Peter Gielda
2013-06-12max9526: added missing module_exitPeter Gielda
2013-06-12tegra_v4l2 fix init issuePeter Gielda
2013-05-02tegra_v4l2: added missing breakMax Krummenacher
2013-04-12max9526: commented out some of the warnings. added interlace flag. fixed reso...Peter Gielda
2013-04-12tegra_v4l2: added interlaced video handling for VIPPeter Gielda
2013-04-12tegra_v4l2: map memory as non-cachable and fix the allocation problemPeter Gielda
2013-04-12tegra_v4l2: fixed bugs in memory allocation/deallocationPeter Gielda
2013-03-26media: adv7180: Modify to work with soc_cameraAndrew Chew
2013-03-03max9526 driverPeter Gielda
2013-01-14media: v4l2: tegra: fixing memory access oops in tegra camera driverBryan Wu
2013-01-11media: videobuf2-dma-nvmap: fixing nvmap_alloc failureBryan Wu
2012-12-17media: ov5640: Add Omnivision OV5640 supportAndrew Chew
2012-12-17media: tegra: enable a clock for VIP in APB MISC registerBryan Wu
2012-12-17media: tegra: Tegra videobuf2Andrew Chew
2012-12-17media: tegra: Tegra V4L2 cameraAndrew Chew
2012-12-14media: video: tegra: nvavp: Fix nvmap handle issueGajanan Bhat
2012-09-10WAR: gr3d: limit 3d clock when camera is onJihoon Bang
2012-08-21media: video: tegra: ar0832: Add slew rate supportNaren Bhat
2012-08-06media: video: tegra: fix sh532u buffer overflowsFrank Chen
2012-08-02media: tegra: ov9726: add group hold ioctlCharlie Huang
2012-08-02media: video: tegra: Focuser range tuning supportSudhir Vyas
2012-07-31media: tegra: ov5650: update 320x240 modeWei Chen
2012-07-30media: video: nvavp: Add bsea/vcp clocks for AudioVandana Salve
2012-07-27media: video: tegra: ar0832: reduce permissionsschowdary
2012-07-12media: video: tegra: ar0832:Update Aptina settingsAmy Deng
2012-07-11media: video: tegra: sh532u: Focuser range tuning supportNaren Bhat
2012-07-09video: tegra: dtv: Fixed clk disabling issueAdam Jiang
2012-07-03media: video: tegra: nvavp: Fix avp print issueSoumen Kumar Dey
2012-07-01media: video: tegra: tegra_camera: disable eackSang-Hun Lee
2012-06-26video: tegra: use public APIs exposed by host1x driverMayuresh Kulkarni
2012-06-25media: video: tegra: Fix LP0 error while playing WVHyungwoo Yang
2012-06-19media: tegra: avp: Remove compiler warningJuha Tukkinen
2012-06-14media: video: nvavp: Add nvhost to include pathTerje Bergstrom