path: root/drivers/scsi/ufs/ufshcd.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-19Merge tag 'v4.9.220' into 4.9-2.3.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2020-04-24scsi: ufs: make sure all interrupts are processedVenkat Gopalakrishnan
2020-04-24scsi: ufs: Fix ufshcd_hold() caused scheduling while atomicCan Guo
2020-02-14scsi: ufs: Fix ufshcd_probe_hba() reture value in case ufshcd_scsi_add_wlus()...Bean Huo
2020-01-04scsi: ufs: fix potential bug which ends in system hangBean Huo
2019-10-29scsi: ufs: skip shutdown if hba is not poweredStanley Chu
2019-07-10scsi: ufs: Check that space was properly alloced in copy_query_responseAvri Altman
2019-05-31scsi: ufs: Avoid configuring regulator with undefined voltage rangeStanley Chu
2019-05-31scsi: ufs: Fix regulator load and icc-level configurationStanley Chu
2019-03-28Merge tag 'v4.9.166' into 4.9-2.3.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2019-03-27scsi: ufs: fix wrong command type of UTRD for UFSHCI v2.1kehuanlin
2018-12-12Merge tag 'v4.9.144' into 4.9-2.3.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2018-12-01scsi: ufshcd: release resources if probe failsSubhash Jadavani
2018-12-01scsi: ufs: fix race between clock gating and devfreq scaling workSubhash Jadavani
2018-12-01scsi: ufshcd: Fix race between clk scaling and ungate workVenkat Gopalakrishnan
2018-12-01scsi: ufs: fix bugs related to null pointer access and array sizeYaniv Gardi
2018-08-24block: split out request-only flags into a new namespaceChristoph Hellwig
2018-08-03scsi: ufs: fix exception event handlingMaya Erez
2018-06-06scsi: ufs: Factor out ufshcd_read_desc_paramPotomski, MichalX
2018-06-06scsi: ufs: refactor device descriptor readingTomas Winkler
2018-06-06scsi: ufs: fix failure to read the string descriptorSubhash Jadavani
2018-05-25scsi: ufs: Enable quirk to ignore sending WRITE_SAME commandSujit Reddy Thumma
2018-02-03scsi: ufs: ufshcd: fix potential NULL pointer dereference in ufshcd_config_vregGustavo A. R. Silva
2017-11-21scsi: ufs: add capability to keep auto bkops always
2017-04-12scsi: ufs: issue link starup 2 times if device isn't
2017-04-12scsi: ufs: introduce a new ufshcd_statea UFSHCD_STATE_EH_SCHEDULEDZang Leigang
2017-04-12scsi: ufs: add quirk to increase host PA_SaveConfigTimeSubhash Jadavani
2017-04-12scsi: ufs: ensure that host pa_tactivate is higher than deviceSubhash Jadavani
2017-04-12scsi: ufs: introduce UFSHCD_QUIRK_PRDT_BYTE_GRAN quirkKiwoong Kim
2016-09-29scsi: ufs: Fix error return code in ufshcd_init()Wei Yongjun
2016-09-29scsi: ufs: Data Segment only needed for WRITE DESCRIPTORZang Leigang
2016-09-21scsi: ufs: Get a TM service response from the correct offsetKiwoong Kim
2016-09-09scsi: ufs: Fix a wrong string in power mode changeKiwoong Kim
2016-07-15scsi: ufs: remove unnecessary goto labelTiezhu Yang
2016-07-12ufs: add UFS 2.0 capabilitiesJoao Pinto
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: add device quirk delay before putting UFS rails in LPMYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: fix leakage during link off stateYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: tune UniPro parameters to optimize hibern8 exit timeYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: handle non spec compliant bkops behaviour by deviceYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: add retry for query descriptorsYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: add error recovery after DL NAC errorYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: make error handling bit fasterYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: disable vccq if it's not needed by UFS deviceYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: separate device and host quirksYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: add support to read device and string descriptorsYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: verify hba controller hce reg valueYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: implement scsi host timeout handlerYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs: avoid spurious UFS host controller interruptsYaniv Gardi
2016-03-14scsi: ufs-qcom: add number of lanes per directionYaniv Gardi
2016-02-23ufs: fix typo: MAZ to MAXTomas Winkler