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2019-12-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'fslc/4.14-2.0.x-imx' into toradex_4.14-2.0.x-im...Marcel Ziswiler
2019-12-19crypto: mxs-dcp: remove merge conflict markersMarcel Ziswiler
2019-12-19Merge branch '' into toradex_4....Marcel Ziswiler
2019-12-18Merge tag 'v4.14.159' into 4.14-2.0.x-imxMarcel Ziswiler
2019-12-17of: unittest: fix memory leak in attach_node_and_childrenErhard Furtner
2019-12-17raid5: need to set STRIPE_HANDLE for batch headGuoqing Jiang
2019-12-17gpiolib: acpi: Add Terra Pad 1061 to the run_edge_events_on_boot_blacklistHans de Goede
2019-12-17net/mlx5e: Fix SFF 8472 eeprom lengthEran Ben Elisha
2019-12-17firmware: qcom: scm: Ensure 'a0' status code is treated as signedWill Deacon
2019-12-17ath10k: fix fw crash by moving chip reset after napi disabledMiaoqing Pan
2019-12-17media: vimc: fix component match compareHelen Koike
2019-12-17mlxsw: spectrum_router: Refresh nexthop neighbour when it becomes deadIdo Schimmel
2019-12-17power: supply: cpcap-battery: Fix signed counter sample registerTony Lindgren
2019-12-17e100: Fix passing zero to 'PTR_ERR' warning in e100_load_ucode_waitYueHaibing
2019-12-17drbd: Change drbd_request_detach_interruptible's return type to intNathan Chancellor
2019-12-17scsi: lpfc: Correct code setting non existent bits in sli4 ABORT WQEJames Smart
2019-12-17scsi: lpfc: Cap NPIV vports to 256James Smart
2019-12-17phy: renesas: rcar-gen3-usb2: Fix sysfs interface of "role"Yoshihiro Shimoda
2019-12-17iio: adis16480: Add debugfs_reg_access entryNuno Sá
2019-12-17xhci: make sure interrupts are restored to correct stateMathias Nyman
2019-12-17xhci: Fix memory leak in xhci_add_in_port()Mika Westerberg
2019-12-17scsi: qla2xxx: Fix message indicating vectors used by driverHimanshu Madhani
2019-12-17scsi: qla2xxx: Always check the qla2x00_wait_for_hba_online() return valueBart Van Assche
2019-12-17scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla24xx_process_bidir_cmd()Bart Van Assche
2019-12-17scsi: qla2xxx: Fix session lookup in qlt_abort_work()Bart Van Assche
2019-12-17scsi: qla2xxx: Fix DMA unmap leakHimanshu Madhani
2019-12-17scsi: zfcp: trace channel log even for FCP command responsesSteffen Maier
2019-12-17video/hdmi: Fix AVI bar unpackVille Syrjälä
2019-12-17ppdev: fix PPGETTIME/PPSETTIME ioctlsArnd Bergmann
2019-12-17mmc: host: omap_hsmmc: add code for special init of wl1251 to get rid of pand...H. Nikolaus Schaller
2019-12-17pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in S3C64xx wakeup controller...Krzysztof Kozlowski
2019-12-17pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in init codeKrzysztof Kozlowski
2019-12-17pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in S3C24xx wakeup controller...Krzysztof Kozlowski
2019-12-17pinctrl: samsung: Add of_node_put() before return in error pathNishka Dasgupta
2019-12-17ACPI: PM: Avoid attaching ACPI PM domain to certain devicesRafael J. Wysocki
2019-12-17ACPI: bus: Fix NULL pointer check in acpi_bus_get_private_data()Vamshi K Sthambamkadi
2019-12-17ACPI: OSL: only free map once in osl.cFrancesco Ruggeri
2019-12-17cpufreq: powernv: fix stack bloat and hard limit on number of CPUsJohn Hubbard
2019-12-17PM / devfreq: Lock devfreq in trans_stat_showLeonard Crestez
2019-12-17intel_th: pci: Add Tiger Lake CPU supportAlexander Shishkin
2019-12-17intel_th: pci: Add Ice Lake CPU supportAlexander Shishkin
2019-12-17intel_th: Fix a double put_device() in error pathAlexander Shishkin
2019-12-17cpuidle: Do not unset the driver if it is there alreadyZhenzhong Duan
2019-12-17media: radio: wl1273: fix interrupt masking on releaseJohan Hovold
2019-12-17media: bdisp: fix memleak on releaseJohan Hovold
2019-12-17ar5523: check NULL before memcpy() in ar5523_cmd()Denis Efremov
2019-12-17dm zoned: reduce overhead of backing device checksDmitry Fomichev
2019-12-17hwrng: omap - Fix RNG wait loop timeoutSumit Garg
2019-12-17watchdog: aspeed: Fix clock behaviour for ast2600Joel Stanley
2019-12-17md/raid0: Fix an error message in raid0_make_request()Dan Carpenter