path: root/buildconf/local.conf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-29buildconf/local.conf: silence warningMax Krummenacher
2016-09-29TMPDIR: rename from out to tmpMax Krummenacher
2016-09-29deploy dir: mv from build/out*/deploy to deployMax Krummenacher
2016-06-30buildconf/bblayers.conf: integrate watatuki's meta-jetson-tk1Marcel Ziswiler
2016-03-14local.conf: add colibri-imx7Stefan Agner
2016-03-14local.conf: adopt DISTRO to jethroMax Krummenacher
2015-11-04local.conf: enable USB CDC ACM console for Vybrid based devicesStefan Agner
2015-11-03local.conf: add Toradex source mirror as pre-mirrorStefan Agner
2015-10-30local.conf: List Toradex machines explicitlyStefan Agner
2015-08-18local.conf: adopt DISTRO to fido and drop PREFERRED_PROVIDER_glibcMarcel Ziswiler
2015-05-12local.conf: update PREFERRED_PROVIDER for libcStefan Agner
2015-05-12local.conf: update the distro version to its dizzy valueMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04local.conf: update sample local.confMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01local.conf: update default local.confMax Krummenacher
2013-10-16local.conf: set sensible defaultsMax Krummenacher
2013-10-10conf: update sample configurationMax Krummenacher
2013-09-22local.conf template: add inclusion of license informationMax Krummenacher
2012-10-18config changes due to oe-core updateMax Krummenacher
2012-08-15L4T R15, oe-core Image V2.0Beta1Max Krummenacher
2012-07-19build configuration filesMax Krummenacher