path: root/torizoncore/integration.xml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-30torizoncore: bump external layer meta-securityMing Liu
2021-02-01Bump git hashesci.toradex
2021-01-12Bump git hashesToardex CI
2020-12-01Add remote alias to all torizoncore remotessamuel.bissig
2020-11-19integration.xml: bump git hashes of meta-updater,meta-securityMing Liu
2020-11-10default.xml/integration.xml: bump git hash of meta-lmp layerMing Liu
2020-09-08torizoncore:integration.xml: update hash of meta-updaterMing Liu
2020-08-12torizoncore:integration.xml: update hashes of external layersMing Liu
2020-08-06Update layer hashes of bsp/tdxref/torizoncoreMarcel Ziswiler
2020-08-03Update layer hashes of tdxref/torizoncoreMing Liu
2020-07-27Revert "torizoncore: drop a .git suffix to be consistent with other layers"Ming Liu
2020-07-24torizoncore: drop a .git suffix to be consistent with other layersMing Liu
2020-07-23torizoncore:integration.xml: update meta layer hashesMing Liu
2020-07-11layer branches: set 3rd party to dunfellMax Krummenacher
2020-06-22initial commitMax Krummenacher