AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-04Merge tag 'v4.4.291' into toradex_vf_4.4-nexttoradex_vf_4.4-nexttoradex_vf_4.4Max Krummenacher
2021-11-02Linux 4.4.291Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-11-02sctp: add vtag check in sctp_sf_violationXin Long
2021-11-02sctp: use init_tag from inithdr for ABORT chunkXin Long
2021-11-02nios2: Make NIOS2_DTB_SOURCE_BOOL depend on !COMPILE_TESTGuenter Roeck
2021-11-02regmap: Fix possible double-free in regcache_rbtree_exit()Yang Yingliang
2021-11-02net: lan78xx: fix division by zero in send pathJohan Hovold
2021-11-02mmc: sdhci: Map more voltage level to SDHCI_POWER_330Shawn Guo
2021-11-02mmc: dw_mmc: exynos: fix the finding clock sample valueJaehoon Chung
2021-11-02mmc: vub300: fix control-message timeoutsJohan Hovold
2021-11-02Revert "net: mdiobus: Fix memory leak in __mdiobus_register"Pavel Skripkin
2021-11-02nfc: port100: fix using -ERRNO as command type maskKrzysztof Kozlowski
2021-11-02ata: sata_mv: Fix the error handling of mv_chip_id()Zheyu Ma
2021-11-02usbnet: fix error return code in usbnet_probe()Wang Hai
2021-11-02usbnet: sanity check for maxpacketOliver Neukum
2021-11-02ARM: 8819/1: Remove '-p' from LDFLAGSNathan Chancellor
2021-11-02ARM: 9139/1: kprobes: fix arch_init_kprobes() prototypeArnd Bergmann
2021-11-02ARM: 9134/1: remove duplicate memcpy() definitionArnd Bergmann
2021-11-02ARM: 9133/1: mm: proc-macros: ensure *_tlb_fns are 4B alignedNick Desaulniers
2021-10-27Linux 4.4.290Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-10-27ARM: 9122/1: select HAVE_FUTEX_CMPXCHGNick Desaulniers
2021-10-27tracing: Have all levels of checks prevent recursionSteven Rostedt (VMware)
2021-10-27net: mdiobus: Fix memory leak in __mdiobus_registerYanfei Xu
2021-10-27ALSA: hda: avoid write to STATESTS if controller is in resetKai Vehmanen
2021-10-27platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Update timeout value in commentPrashant Malani
2021-10-27isdn: mISDN: Fix sleeping function called from invalid contextZheyu Ma
2021-10-27ARM: dts: spear3xx: Fix gmac nodeHerve Codina
2021-10-27netfilter: Kconfig: use 'default y' instead of 'm' for bool config optionVegard Nossum
2021-10-27isdn: cpai: check ctr->cnr to avoid array index out of boundXiaolong Huang
2021-10-27nfc: nci: fix the UAF of rf_conn_info objectLin Ma
2021-10-27ovl: fix missing negative dentry check in ovl_rename()Zheng Liang
2021-10-27ASoC: DAPM: Fix missing kctl change notificationsTakashi Iwai
2021-10-27ALSA: usb-audio: Provide quirk for Sennheiser GSP670 HeadsetBrendan Grieve
2021-10-27elfcore: correct reference to CONFIG_UMLLukas Bulwahn
2021-10-27ocfs2: mount fails with buffer overflow in strlenValentin Vidic
2021-10-27can: peak_pci: peak_pci_remove(): fix UAFZheyu Ma
2021-10-27can: peak_usb: pcan_usb_fd_decode_status(): fix back to ERROR_ACTIVE state no...Stephane Grosjean
2021-10-27can: rcar_can: fix suspend/resumeYoshihiro Shimoda
2021-10-27NIOS2: irqflags: rename a redefined register nameRandy Dunlap
2021-10-27netfilter: ipvs: make global sysctl readonly in non-init netnsAntoine Tenart
2021-10-27NFSD: Keep existing listeners on portlist errorBenjamin Coddington
2021-10-27r8152: select CRC32 and CRYPTO/CRYPTO_HASH/CRYPTO_SHA256Vegard Nossum
2021-10-27drm/msm: Fix null pointer dereference on pointer edpColin Ian King
2021-10-27pata_legacy: fix a couple uninitialized variable bugsDan Carpenter
2021-10-27NFC: digital: fix possible memory leak in digital_in_send_sdd_req()Ziyang Xuan
2021-10-27NFC: digital: fix possible memory leak in digital_tg_listen_mdaa()Ziyang Xuan
2021-10-27nfc: fix error handling of nfc_proto_register()Ziyang Xuan
2021-10-27ethernet: s2io: fix setting mac address during resumeArnd Bergmann
2021-10-27net: encx24j600: check error in devm_regmap_init_encx24j600Nanyong Sun
2021-10-27net: korina: select CRC32Vegard Nossum